The following services are provided:

  • Dental fillings. Aesthetic fillings when the tooth forms, size and colour are required to improve.
  • Treatment and anasthesia. The grown-up tooth and its roots are treated and additionally X-rayed;
  • Prosthetics. The advance technologies and means of prosthetics. We insert the fully spitting image of a tooth, make crown metal, plates and prosthetic dental bridges with supports;
  • Surgeon emergency;
  • Oral care provided professionally (tooth whitening and removal of tartars). The advanced materials are used to whiten teeth and the ultrasonic scaler to remove dental tartars.


Erika Blekaitienė Neringa Skiotienė Evaldas Gedaminas
Telephone No. 8 606 96717 8 611 24781 8 640 88944
Venue 1 floor, 3 room 1 floor, 1 room 4 floor, next to Synlab laboratory