The MC "Lorna" provides the different and combined treatment on physical medicine and rehabilitation to restore, improve health and prevent diseases. They are the procedures which include combined rehabilitation activities, namely, physical therapy, kinesitherapy, occupational therapy, massage, wellness procedures.

The MC "Lorna" can provide the following wellness and rehabilitation services:

  • Kinezitherapy;
  • Ergotherapy (Professional Therapy);
  • Power Plate – Vibration Trainers;
  • Treatment Massage.

Physical Medicine Procedures:

  • Electrical stimulator (TENS, RES, IF, UAD), ultrasonic therapy, magnetic therapy, laser therapy;
  • Compress Therapy (lymth drainage);
  • Polar Light Therapy (Bioptron);
  • Ihhalation with oxygen and mineral water;
  • Hot Salt Baths;
  • Mud Applications;
  • Water Massaging Capsule „Dermalife“;
  • Massage Arm-chair „SANNYO“ and Massage Bed „CERAGEM“.

The doctors of physical medicine and rehabilitation provides every patient with an individual treating plan and programme.


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